Welcome to my photo herbarium. Trondheim,  02.01.2011. More info.

At this net site you can see a presentation of my plant and flower pictures. 
The greater part of them are taken in or close to the town
Trondheim, in the middle of Norway

I must emphasize that this is a pure amateur work, so I can not guarantee the identifications to be error free.  I don't think there are many errors, however. If you can spot one - or have other comments on this net site - I will appreciate an e-mail message.

The picture gallery will be updated as soon as I get pictures of new species or better pictures of old ones. I have not included English names yet, but the scientific names should make it possible to identify the species also for those of you who don't read Norwegian that well. The species listings and species pages are also in Norwegian

The pictures are free for non-commercial use, as long as they are not altered in any way, and I am cited as photographer with a link or reference to this net site. 
For commercial use: contact me by e-mail.

Here you can see a collection of some pictures: